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Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Violet Funk


Violet Funk is currently teaching ESL in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Communication and Literary Studies.  For over 8 years, she has focused on preparing international and domestic students for their immersion into college level classes.  She has also taught Essential Communications, a pre-requisite course for numerous programs at Sheridan College, and LINC at Sheridan and the school board.

Prior to teaching in Sheridan, she was a Language and Work Placement Instructor for foreign trained professionals, conducting classes on job skills, business language and culture.  In one of the key projects she wrote a curriculum for teaching occupational specific language classes.

In addition, she performs consultancy assignments for multinationals and non-profit organizations providing customized training for international assignees on cultural and communications issues.   Violet has over 20 years of corporate and commercial banking experience in Asia and Canada and speaks 3 languages.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the US and certification in TESL.

On a volunteer basis, she assists immigrants on employability skills and serves leadership roles in community organizations.