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Faculty Profiles

Julie Morris

Julie Warkentin

Coordinator, English and Communications

Julie is the English and Literary Studies Coordinator and has been teaching at Sheridan College since 2009.  In addition to Coordinating duties, Julie teaches a variety of Communications, General Elective, and Degree Breadth courses.  She holds a MA (2009) from Brock University, an Honours BA in English Literature (2008) from Nipissing University, and a Bachelor of Adult Education (2012) from Brock University.  She is currently ABD in her PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Brock.  

Her research adopts a literary-historical perspective and focuses on understanding England’s traumatized national identity in the 17th century as it resulted from the execution of Charles Stuart (Charles I) in 1648/9.  Her dissertation project is an analysis of the theatrical power of textual and speech performances that surrounded the regicide, and considers how England came into a crisis of witnessing that stemmed from the execution of its king.  A PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities has allowed Julie to pursue her research interests in English Interregnum/Restoration literature, historiography, cultural studies, philosophy, and a variety of psychoanalytic approaches - most notably trauma studies.