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Faculty Profiles

Jaime Ginter

Jaime Ginter


Jaime Ginter is a physical anthropologist with research interests in skeletal biology, bio-archaeology, and forensic anthropology. She obtained degrees from the University of Alberta (B.A.), the University of Western Ontario (M.A.), and the University of Toronto (Ph.D.). Her research explores skeletal and archaeological evidence for lifestyle change among South African Later Stone Age hunting and gathering populations and prehistoric Ontario First Nations groups. She has recently applied her interests in health and ageing to a research project that examined the vitamin D levels of older adults of diverse ancestry living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Recent Publications:

Ginter JK, Krithika S, Gozdzik  A, Hanwell H, Whiting S, Parra EJ.   2013. Vitamin D Status of Older Adults of Diverse Ancestry Living in the Greater Toronto Area. BMC Geriatrics 13: 66-76. Ginter, JK.  2011. A Bio-archaeological Investigation of the Transition from Foraging to Pastoralism in the Eastern Cape, South Africa during the Late Holocene.  In Human Bio-archaeology of the Transition to Agriculture, Ron Pinhasi and Jay T. Stock, eds, p. 107-149. John Wiley & Sons Limited.

Ginter, JK. 2010.  Origins of the Odd Fellows Skeletal Collection: Exploring Links to Early Medical Training. In The "Compleat Archaeologist": Papers in Honour of Michael W. Spence, Chris J. Ellis, Neal Ferris, Peter Timmins and Christine D. White, eds. London Chapter Ontario Archaeological Society, Occasional Paper No. 9 (co-published as journal Ontario Archaeology 85-88).

Dewar, G., Ginter, J.K.., Shook, B.A.S., Ferris, N., Henderson, H. 2010. A Bio-archaeological Study of a Western Basin Tradition Cemetery on the Detroit River. Journal of Archaeological Science 37(9): 2245-2254. Kurki, HK, Ginter, JK, Stock, JT, Pfeiffer, S.  2010. Body size estimation of small-bodied humans: