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Barbara Stasiuk

Barbara Stasiuk

ESL and Communications Professor

Barbara Stasiuk (ESL and Communications Professor) has a B.A. in English Literature from York University (2006), a TESL Certificate from Seneca College (2008) and a Masters of Applied Linguistics from York University (2011). She became interested in teaching as a profession after being a part of a homeschooling cooperative for children in her community. The fields of linguistics and language acquisition have interested Barbara since learning to read Arabic some time ago. She finds the sociocultural changes that coincide with learning a new language to be fascinating because of the ways in which language and culture are interwoven. Barbara has a passion for teaching writing to students that enabled her to be a teaching assistant at the Professional Writing program at York University where she instructed students in the Theories of Writing in which differences between novice and professional writers were explored. She values collaborative writing as a method that promotes writing acquisition, aligns with socio-cultural theories of learning and accelerates the complex processes involved in learning academic English. She has given several teaching workshops on collaborative writing (CW) at BCTEAL, TESL North York/York Region and will be also delivering a teacher workshop about CW at the upcoming TESL Ontario conference this fall in Toronto. She has used CW as a method in her EAP classes at Sheridan, and is currently working on a publication on collaborative writing. She also has taught EAP writing classes in blended and all online formats for Seneca College. Her teaching style has been described by students as knowledgeable, student-centred, culturally sensitive, and friendly. Colleagues have described her as open, poised, inquisitive, positive, well-prepared, and a great builder of student confidence. She enjoys her job because teaching ESL and Essential Communications allows her to explore ways to teach language acquisition and writing skills in creative and dynamic ways.

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