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Faculty Profiles

Andrew Fuyarchuk

Andrew Fuyarchuk


Andrew Fuyarchuk holds a B.A. Hon (politics, geography), M.A. (philosophy) and A.B.D (Trinity). He is an instructor of philosophy and the liberal arts. His background is in ancient thought, in particular Plato’s dialogues, and the dialogue initiated with the ancients by 19th and 20th century German philosophers including Nietzsche, Strauss, Stanley Rosen, Heidegger and Gadamer. His current research is focussed on ways in which knowledge is acquired in the humanities and sciences with a view to creating bridges between them. Publications include Gadamer’s Path to Plato: A Response to Heidegger and Rejoinder by Stanley Rosen (2010), “American Nietzsche” (review) NeoAmericanist (2013), “Bloom Versus Nietzsche Round 25” Convivium (2012), “Pride versus Compassion in the Creative Transformation of Zarathustra” Journal for the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (2008), “Secular and Religious Pedagogies in Relation to Wagner’s Tristan & Isolde” (2008) Journal for the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, “Zarathustra the desert priest meets his grave in Ivan Karamazov” Language, Literature and Cultural Studies (forthcoming). He is an editor and contributor to the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, has edited a number of papers and books and is active at conferences in his field.