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Faculty Profiles

Peter Bouffard

Peter Bouffard

Professor, Creativity

Over a 25 year business career, Peter Bouffard, MBA, CA was the founder and CEO of three companies, principally in e-learning and communications. In addition, Peter was VP of Corporate Development of a $1b public company (Scott’s Hospitality) and managed the private equity acquisitions and investments of a wealthy individual (Seymour Epstein of Global Television).   More recently, Peter has extended his passion for creative expression to design and deliver workshops and courses that build the confidence and competence of students and leaders to bring their creative ability into their life. 

As a “small a” artist, I am primarily self-taught. Painting for me is an exploratory creative adventure.  I paint what naturally sparks my energy.  I paint what I feel naturally connected to.  Painting for me is a companion, a friend with whom I can simply be. My somewhat eclectic gallery of art is a consequence of choosing to paint what sparks my interest. 

If I have do have one theme it is to paint “inner landscapes” where I find natural connection.   I attempt to capture the moment of a special feeling, thought or situation that we all have experienced but what sometimes can be a buried.  These moments may lie dormant in denial, be hidden under an overly intense lifestyle, or they may be just lost in time.  It is my hope that seeing paintings like “Surrender”, “Then”, or “Hope” will spark a memory for you to re-live and enjoy.