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Faculty Profiles

Paul Sarkissian

Paul  Sarkissian

Professor, Marketing

Paul Sarkissian has been teaching in the marketing program at Sheridan since January 2011.  Educating, the pursuit of ethical leadership and mentoring students are among Paul’s passions.  Paul was co-founder of Open Minds, an international marketing research data collection company that provided clients like RBC, CIBC, The Globe and Mail, BlackBerry and NCR UK the capability to understand consumer behaviour and improve marketing decisions.  One of the first marketing research companies to offer online panel registration in Canada, Paul lead the database development team.  During Paul’s tenure as sales and marketing director, Open Minds tripled its client base, increased revenue by 40% and launched a successful boutique focus group facility in Oakville, Ontario.  Studies were managed in a variety of different industries including technology, finance, healthcare, media, government, education, retail and CPG. 

Paul served on the Board of Directors of the Qualitative Research Division of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.  For over two years, Paul soldiered with industry professionals organizing events, solving problems and charting the course for the future of qualitative research.  He presented to colleagues and collaborated to implement solutions to industry challenges.  Paul was identified to participate in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Ted Rogers School of Management Growing Ontario Firms program.  The government-funded initiative guided participants to reach both professional and personal goals through a unique blend of in-class workshops and individualized coaching.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Paul enjoys learning through travel and diverse cultural experiences.  While studying at McMaster University, Paul completed a Russian history and culture certificate program at Moscow State University during the first year anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Paul’s black and white photos of Venetian passageways were featured at a Toronto gallery in the 2005 CONTACT Photography Festival - the largest photography event in the world.