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Faculty Profiles

Kathleen Begin

Kathleen Bégin

Professor, Finance

Kathleen’s career has allowed her to work in a variety of environments, from government to technology to self-employment and now to teaching.  She started her career in accounting with the federal government.  As her department was implementing a new accounting information system, Kathleen realized that she was more interested in the systems than the accounting.  She moved to a software company where she was a trainer for the implementation of financial systems.  Moving into a project management role in an IT consulting firm, led her to pursue her MBA.

Following the birth of her first child, she realized that the stress and long hours of consulting were no longer a fit.  While home with young children (there are now 3 of them), she began studying financial planning.

Kathleen has an MBA in Information Technology Management from Athabasca University.  She earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation in 2012.  She also holds the designation of Elder Planning Counselor, which indicates that she has specialized knowledge in dealing with not only financial, but also other issues, such as health concerns and marketing to elders (those age 50+).

Kathleen’s research interest is in behavioural finance and behavioural economics.  She would particularly like to understand the psychology behind the personal financial decisions people make and the impact that these decisions have on meeting financial goals.

Outside of work, Kathleen’s interests include running, dance classes, cooking and being active with her family.
Kathleen began teaching full time at Sheridan College in 2010.