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Ginger Grant

Professor, Creativity

Ginger Grant, PhD, lives and breathes the transformational power of narrative – for every company and every person has a story. Coming from the world of mergers and acquisitions, mid-life drove her back to school to study creativity and culture. Specializing in the Heroic Journey taken by ordinary people, she inspires and motivates others to identify their passions and unique purpose. Dr. Grant is a Professor at Sheridan College, a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School and the only Canadian in the consulting team for the Stanford Business School “Creativity and Business” program. A popular international speaker, she is also an advisor for the Council for Innovation Metrics and the Council for Client Relationships and Customer Experience with the Conference Board of Canada.

Dr. Grant’s focus is the use of archetypal psychology and cultural mythology as bridges between technology and the art of business in strategic initiatives. Her passion is business by design – the creation, design, development and implementation of innovative people programs that drive high-performance cultures.

Current applied research:
  • corporate culture audits, assessment and analysis
  • corporate anthropology/organizational ethnography
  • evidence-based narrative
  • building high performance cultures
  • managing the creative industries

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