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Faculty Profiles

Wasim Singh

Wasim Singh

Professor, School of Applied Computing

As a graduate of Sheridan’s Computer Programmer and Interactive Multimedia programs, Wasim Singh now teaches the same courses that he studied as a student. His sensitivity to students’ needs is deeply rooted in his own experience as a student himself. After entering the industry, Wasim stayed close to Sheridan College as a Program Advisory Committee member and contributed to Sheridan’s technology programs by sharing his industry experience with program coordinators and course leaders.

In his 10+ years of industry experience, Wasim has led development teams in the marketing, e-learning, training, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, property management, finance, retail, environmental protection, hospitality, media and fashion industries. His major successes include designing and developing innovative mobile applications (long before the iPhone hit store shelves), creating cost-cutting automation solutions for development teams and now, running a web and e-learning/game development company with a fellow developer.

Wasim has been a trainer and mentor throughout his career. He believes that “Sharing useful knowledge is the most meaningful contribution that we can make to each other.”

As a lecturer at Sheridan, Wasim brings together his three passions: teaching, learning and creating.