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Vahid Dan Mashatan

Vahid Dan Mashatan

Professor, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology

Vahid Dan Mashatan is a professor in Sheridan’s School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Technology (MEET). He received his BASc in mechatronics engineering from the University of Waterloo (2008) and his PhD in mechatronics engineering from the University of Toronto (2013).

Applied research and industry projects have been integral parts of his professional career over the past nine years. His research has been focused on mechatronic systems and their applications in automotive and automation industries, and he has published and presented his scholarly works and contributions on mechatronics in several prestigious journals and at international conferences.

His main research interests are mechatronics systems, mechatronics product development, autonomous and mobile robotics, modular and multi-arm robots, smart actuation systems (piezoceramic and electromagnetic), flexible automation and integration, modelling and control of dynamic systems, energy harvesting systems and precision motion control and positioning.

Vahid’s long-term research objective is to design, develop and integrate mechatronic systems and smart devices for applications including automotive, automation, infrastructure, health care, consumer products, media production, and entertainment. He is also very keen to explore opportunities to expand the applications of industrial robots beyond the industrial arena into areas such as advanced manufacturing, health care, surveillance, education, surgery and space exploration.

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