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Faculty Profiles

Sid Ansari

Sid Ansari

Professor, School of Applied Computing

Sid Ansari is a certified database administrator who teaches in the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology. He has taught introductory and advanced courses in database modelling,  database administration, and database security. He has done extensive work and research in database security and database tuning and optimization, as well as in the default installation parameters that make the database insecure. It is very difficult for a user to create a secure database out of the box, and to satisfy customer needs. Ansari has worked on the known vulnerabilities found by hackers and crackers, which can be fixed either by applying patches or by implementing workarounds.

He has also done work on the parameters and settings – those inadvertently set up by the application implementers or the database administrator. He has worked with native encryption and data protection features within the database. He has also worked with application tuning and forensics logging in databases. Ansari is an Oracle Certified Database Administrator (Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i), as well as a Giac Security Essentials Certified professional (GSEC).

During the academic year 2011-2012, Ansari was on a sabbatical where he did research on SQL Injection vulnerabilities in databases (with an emphasis on SQL Server and MySQL). He was the co-coordinator of the Enterprise Database Management program at Sheridan College for five years, and he has also taught database courses at Ryerson University. In addition to databases, he enjoys teaching and researching the security aspects of web programming and enterprise development (J2EE). He has worked with Java Enterprise Sun Servers and the Oracle WebLogic application server.