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Faculty Profiles

Philip Stubbs

Philip  Stubbs

Associate Dean, School of Applied Computing - Davis Campus

As the Associate Dean of The School Applied Computing, Philip helps lead a team of dedicated faculty who are eagerly participating in the ‘Sheridan Journey’.  An avid believer in the value of education, Philip maintains his ties to the students by continuing to teach at least one course each year; it allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of Sheridan and provides perspective in his role as Associate Dean. Prior to his tenure as Associate Dean, Philip was a full time professor teaching a variety of courses including: I.T. Process Management, Systems Design, Systems Auditing and Security.   

No stranger to spearheading new programs, Philip was instrumental in developing the now established, Capstone Based Learning Model, Annual Applied Computing Capstone Competitions and Sheridan’s Coop Program.  Of particular pride is the Capstone Based Learning Model that requires students in their final semesters of the Applied Computing Programs to team up and develop an enterprise solution for an industry partner.

In Philip's own words, “... the Capstones are significant; they inspire, motivate and conclude in a sense of accomplishment for each student. Every student should have a chance to experience the feeling of success in their academic life. To be a part of those successes, and acknowledge and celebrate those accomplishments is indescribably rewarding.”