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Faculty Profiles

Maninder Kaur

Maninder Kaur Tatla

Professor, School of Applied Computing

Maninder Kaur Tatla is a professor of Applied Computing at Sheridan College. She holds a MCA and MPhil. (Computer Science). Her research interests include fuzzy logic, microprocessors, search engine evaluation and web development. She has been working in the teaching profession for over ten years.

Prior to arriving at Sheridan College, Maninder was an assistant professor at Punjab College of Technical Education, Ludhiana, India. She is the author of six books, and has published four research papers in international and national journals.

Maninder has been working at Sheridan College since May 2013. As a faculty member, she teaches web development, C, C++, microprocessor, computer architecture, data structures, operating systems, computer networks, business software systems and many other courses. She is always ready to help students grow in the field of education.