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Faculty Profiles

Magdin Stoica

Magdin Stoica

Professor, School of Applied Computing

Magdin received a B.Eng. in Computer and Software Engineering from “Politehnica” University of Bucharest and obtained his engineering license in 1996. After a decade of industry experience, he earned an M.Eng. degree in Software Engineering from McMaster University in 2007.

Magdin teaches in the areas of computer science and software engineering and is part of the principal investors team in Sheridan’s Center for Mobile Innovation (CMI). He also helps promote computer science education and mobile computing by participating in high-school outreach presentations that showcase the role of computer science and mobile computing in our society and the need to incorporate computer science curriculum in K-12 curriculum. With a global perspective and understanding of curriculum in the School of Applied Computing, Magdin co-architected, and now coordinates, the Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing) degree program which graduated its first student cohort in December 2018.

Elected by his colleagues, Magdin became a member of the first Sheridan Senate, founded in 2012. And, as course lead in several programming courses, he designed and implemented the Connected Learning student support model for students enrolled in introductory programming courses, a model that provides learning assistants for first-year students in the School of Applied Computing.

Magdin’s industry experience spans diverse domains such as business intelligence, aerospace/simulation, communication, computer-aided design, as well as a wide range of responsibilities: development manager, consultant, software architect, team lead and software engineer.

Magdin’s research interests are the application of emerging computer science theory and technology in healthcare with a focus on cognitive computing and mixed reality, and the integration of diverse families of computing devices, from IoT and Mobile to immersive collaborative multi-touch devices using privacy-by-design architectures and smart data. More broadly, Magdin is interested in the development of software engineering development processes and the applications of control theory to support continuous improvement of systems and processes in the areas of mobile and cloud computing using model-driven architectures, executable models and cross-platform frameworks.

In his personal time, Magdin volunteers to teach Aikido classes to children at the Georgetown Aikido Club and enjoys mountain biking, playing guitar and sports.