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Faculty Profiles

Iain McNab

Iain R McNab

Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

Dr Iain McNab hails from England where he left school at the age of 16 and a year later enrolled at Wirral Metropolitan College. After two years at college, Iain was admitted to the University of Sussex where he graduated with a first class honours degree in Chemical Physics, and studied under mentors and Professors A. J. McCaffery and Harold W Kroto (who later won the Nobel prize for his work on buckminsterfullerene, C60).

Continuing to pursue graduate studies at Merton College, Oxford University, Iain joined the research group of Professor Alan Carrington, FRS and earned his doctorate through research. Iain joined Professor Carrington in his move to the University of Southampton and worked with him for an additional three years as a research fellow.

Switching from Chemistry to Physics, Iain joined Newcastle University as tenured faculty in Physics. While at Newcastle, he led his own research group, gaining an international reputation for his work on the structure of gas phase molecular ions. Iain's proud to say that four of his former PhD students are now university professors of physics.

In 2003, Iain accepted a visiting professorship at the University of Toronto to work with Professor John C. Polanyi (Nobel laureate) in nanoscience and surface chemistry and then immigrated to Canada to join Professor Polanyi’s research group.

Iain has taught courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics at the Universities of Oxford, Southampton, Newcastle and Toronto, and at Seneca College and Sheridan. He has published over 50 scientific papers in international journals and is on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Applied Chemistry and the International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics. Iain is a member of the Board of Directors at: Brampton Board of Trade; the Canadian Welding Association Foundation; Technology Accreditation Canada; and a member of Council of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario.