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Faculty Profiles

Georg Feil

Georg Feil

Professor, School of Applied Computing

Georg Feil is a professor in the School of Applied Computing at Sheridan College. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Waterloo and his master’s degree in computer science at the University of Toronto. Georg’s areas of interest include real-time embedded systems, operating system design, robotics, and simulation.

Georg has worked in the aerospace and space robotics field for many years, doing software and systems development for next-generation Canadarm prototypes, a two-armed neurosurgery robot, as well as Mars and Lunar rovers. He also spent a good part of his career developing systems for space-based radio astronomy (Japanese HALCA and Russian RadioAstron missions).

Georg joined Sheridan in 2012. In his spare time, he writes and performs music and develops some interesting Android apps.