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Student Showcase: Napkin Doodle Corner

In the fall of 2013, student Shirley Wong was speaking with Architecture Technology Program Co-ordinator Ken Snell when she noticed a stack of napkins he’d sketched on sitting atop his desk. Given that architects are notorious for scribbling ideas and inspirations on the nearest scrap of paper - often, napkins - Shirley’s sighting seemed true to form.

Inspired by Ken’s napkin sketches, Shirley decided to start an activity on the Architectural Board in the CAD Labs and the Napkin Doodle Corner was born. “The idea,” she says, “is to get everyone to contribute to the activity and gather different inspiration and creativity, so when we take a break or are stuck on an assignment, we can come to this corner to be inspired by others.”

Napkin Doodle Corner, Architectural Technology

Contributors must follow three rules: drawings must not be of buildings (a diversion from students’ usual subject matter), they cannot violate Sheridan’s Policies and Procedures (i.e., they must be appropriate), and they must be done on a piece of napkin.

The Napkin Doodle Corner is an ongoing effort. Shirley says students bring her beautiful sketches, and that sometimes she even finds them slipped inside her locker. “I am always inspired and surprised every time I see one,” she says. “The effort and creativity from students is incredible.”

The students have branched the project out into an initiative dubbed “The S Innovation”, where sketches, doodles and writing are added to a Sheridan ‘S’ on the Architectural Board. Once the ‘S’ is completely filled in, they will commemorate the effort. Initial ideas include framing the S as an architectural flag or printing it on a t-shirt.