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Architecture is everywhere, even in parking lots

Chalk House 2016

Using one of the student designs that was both modest and free of simple geometries, each student was assigned a role - the designer was our project manager. He had assistant PMs assigned to the first and second floors. One person was lead on the site, another lead for the stairs, another for windows and doors, another for walls, another for furniture, one for the kitchen and one for the washrooms. The rest of the 30 or so students joined leaders in areas where they were interested in working.  

After two solid hours of work, they created one of the best chalk houses ever to have graced the asphalt of the Davis parking lot. What's more, they stretched their knowledge of

  • the scale of their drawings
  • spatial sense in design
  • OBC minimum code requirements with the realities of space and all that goes into it
      • As an example,  the 900 minimum width for stairs is very narrow and if your landing is made to the minimum, it’s practically impossible to get a couch to the second floor, let alone a king size bed!
  • Blocks inserted in CAD are not always the right size
  • Use of a scale coupled with reading a drawing
  • Consuming someone else’s drawings and translate it to full-size
  • Identification of compass points at Davis and observation of where the sun would hit the proposed windows
  • Landscape design and strategy
  • Communication, group dynamics and team work
  • The importance of the inside-outside relationship of space and house

This group of students surpassed expectation and truly showed what they're made of. Way to go Arch Tech students!