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Interactive Media Management Alumni Success Stories

Interactive Media Management Alumni Success Stories 

Fatima Remtullah, Interactive Media Management Graduate

Fatima Remtullah

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Year of Graduation: 2014 
Program: Interactive Multimedia 

Fatima Remtullah is a Senior Product Manager at Rangle - thriving on solving problems while positively empowering businesses and their uses. Fatima graduated from the University of Waterloo followed by post-graduate studies at Sheridan College. She originally joined Sheridan College to build a tangible portfolio that can be transferred into the tech industry. The IMM program teaches the foundation needed to understand all parts of the product life cycle - project management, user experience design, software development and physical computing. 

With the end-to-end education of how software is created, Fatima was able to successfully transfer the knowledge into the workforce. She began as a cross-functional Product Designer, working with clients in various industries from FinTech using AI and IBM Watson, Social Media, Aviation, Retail and Development Tooling including work with Google. 

Through truly understanding the business goals, product vision, and success metrics, Fatima transitioned into a role as a Product Manager. Using the skills learned both at Sheridan and her workplace experience she is able to create products through collaborative teams that use agile practices to advocate for the user. Fatima believes that by asking questions, empathizing and generating human-centered design she is able to make products come to life. 

Fatima speaks at many conferences, including FITC - Web Unleashed, AgileXD Toronto, and Girl Geeks. Her topics range from experience into the tech industry, Women in Software, Design and Development, and Delivery Processes. 

Sheridan College and the IMM program was able to give Fatima the foundation needed to follow her passions and continue to grow and learn through the industry. 



Clara Ghandour, Interactive Media Management Graduate

Clara Ghandour

Clara is a designer by nature and profession. Growing up, she would spend her free time experimenting with different hand drawn typographic treatments and elaborate fashion designs. In a recent design job interview, where one part of the interview entailed telling her life story, she had her old fashion design binder including hundreds of sketches brought from Beirut to Toronto to showcase. 

Having graduated from the prestigious American University of Beirut with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, she sought after roles where she could apply her passion for urban, cultural and socio-political concepts in designing campaigns and photography projects.

Following incidents of political turmoil in Beirut, her family decided immigrate to Canada. Though heartbroken at first, her resilience and yearning to be part of something meaningful and useful encouraged her to apply to Sheridan’s IMM graduate program - it turned out to be a ground-breaking program that opened up immense opportunities in the industry of design, technology and innovation. 

Following her graduation she landed a user experience designer position with InteraXon, the tech startup behind Muse, the brain-sensing headband. Using technology to train human mindfulness and brain health, fascinated her and continue to do so. She was involved in designing iOS and Android mobile apps as well as working with different UX research methodologies. Her natural eye for simple and clean UI was helpful, however it was qualitative and quantitative data that affected her design decisions as a user experience designer. 

Clara also moved on to work on 10-foot experiences as a product designer, with a focus on interaction for Hisense’s design and technology studio in Canada. She designed various TV operating systems as well as a Mobile with dual screen technology. She was valued as an innovator on her team with 2 patents under her name.

Currently, she serves as the guardian of the UX in an exciting position as the lead interaction designer for Cineplex Entertainment’s Living Room applications. She is working on various platforms such as Samsung, LG, Roku and Apple TV. 

Clara is passionate about designing intuitive and meaningful user experiences by bridging her design craft with cutting edge technology. Her graduate studies at Sheridan’s Interactive Multimedia have proved most valuable in the tech industry as she continues to learn and grow as a product designer."



Chanelle Francis, Interactive Media Management Graduate

Chanelle Francis

When I came across the IMM program back in 2015, I was fearful of leaving my current career as a graphic designer to pursue one in interactive media. But I decided to take the leap and join the program. My intention at first was to pivot my graphic design background and become a ux designer. But once I created my first web page the rest was history, my passion for front end development was born.

In 2016, a couple weeks after our end of year show I was offered an internship position at Critical Mass in Toronto. I became a full-time developer shortly after. My time there has been very educational and rewarding, I work with many talented individuals and have worked on a variety of different projects. This year I was given the opportunity to be a mentor to the incoming developer interns. Two of the interns were also graduates from the IMM program.  It was a rewarding experience and showed me how fulfilling it is to mentor others.

When I’m not working I enjoy being a mentor to youth and adults new to coding. I also make time to keep up-to-date with new technologies and frontend frameworks that I can use in the workplace. 
My advice to any incoming IMM students is simple, never stop learning. The one thing that has kept me moving in my career is keeping up with what is new and current and my willingness to learn on the job. So learn all you can from the program and then some.



Elaine Tran, Interactive Media Management Graduate

Elaine Tran

Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
Year of Graduation: 2017
Program: Interactive Media Management

Design is never linear. 

Elaine is currently a UX/UI Designer at Venngage, a startup based in Toronto. She helps create easy-to-use interfaces that enable everyday people to create captivating visual content and tell stories with their data. 

After working in the field of UX, Elaine started to get more curious about writing. She found it as a way to reflect, connect ideas together and to create new ones. In 2018, she published her first UX article on Medium which started out as a rough outline she had written on her commute home from work. The articles she has currently published under UX Collective are “7 Steps to achieving flow in UX design”, “3 Rapid prototyping methods to improve your UX skills” and “My A-ha moment as a UX designer”. Each article was quite well received. Two of the articles were based off learnings from projects at Sheridan.

Later that year she reached out to DesignX TO and got confirmed to do her first UX lightning talk with two days to prepare. Elaine believes in Type 3 Hidden Luck “where opportunity meets preparation” (Dr. James Austin’s Four Types of Luck). That the opportunity presented itself and she knew she was ready for it. She hopes to continue pushing her boundaries of writing and speaking about UX.

Elaine is extremely thankful about what Sheridan has helped her accomplish. Having the opportunity to face new challenges everyday, build and learn with a supportive group of people really helped her make a successful transition.