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Sonja Sajic

Sonja Sajic

Professor and Program Coordinator, Pharmacy Technician and Community Pharmacy Assistant programs


Contact Info: Phone: (905)459-7533, Ext.5243

Sonja has contributed her pharmacist and diabetes expertise in a variety of clinical, educational, and program development settings.  Sonja has been involved in the clinical care of patients since 2001 when she graduated from the University of Toronto Pharmacy program. Since that time, Sonja has focused her career on patient education, multidisciplinary health approaches, and pharmacy management.  Currently, she is working towards completing her doctorate in pharmacy through the University of Colorado.  Before joining Sheridan College in 2001 as a professor with the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, Sonja was the owner of 3 Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies where she trained and supervised staff, developed patient-centered health seminars, and integrated the Ontario Medscheck program into the retail pharmacy arena.  Additionally, as the owner of a private pharmacy consulting company, Sonja worked intensely with other health care professionals in a multidisciplinary team providing both client and health-professional training via lectures, workshops, case discussions and case conferencing.  Her 10 years of experience with retail pharmacy management and education provided invaluable insight into the critical dynamic between pharmacist, physician, technician, assistant, and patient.  Through Sonja’s extensive experience with integrated health clinics as a diabetes educator, clinician, and manager, Sonja brings considerable knowledge of retail and ambulatory care pharmacy to the classroom.  As an educator, she integrates practical scenarios with a range of methodologies largely rooted in experiential learning and applicability to real life challenges.  Sonja is passionate about the future of pharmacy and the immense opportunities for enhanced patient care that an expanded scope of practice for Pharmacy Technicians will bring to the profession of pharmacy.  She is an advocate of life-long learning, and a firm believer in learning through experience both inside and outside of the classroom.