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Grenada Placement Experience for ECE Diploma Students

Sheridan ECE in classroomSeven Sheridan ECE final placement students support community programs in Grenada, West Indies

An island paradise seems like the ideal place to study for the final requirements of the ECE diploma; but the experience was far more than anyone could have anticipated.  In May 2014, seven incredibly dedicated ECE students completed their final placement requirements in the Bel Air Children’s Home, and the Caliste Government School in the Caribbean country of Grenada, West Indies.   Beyond expanding their understanding of the Early Childhood professional, every participant who embarked on the Grenada experience has emerged with an critical understanding of contemporary and historical Grenadian culture, art, and government. The participants immersed themselves within, and eagerly engaged with the social, political and global perspectives that have impacted the island, culture and economy.

Students were challenged to transfer their vast knowledge and skills gained through their two year program at Sheridan to play a key role in developing and implementing effective, and authentic community-based initiatives while gaining exposure to diverse needs and service areas within the Early Childhood profession on a global level.  While collaborating with a team of Grenadian professionals to create and implement engaging and interactive programming, this international placement program experience not only strengthened the students crucial communication, organization, and teamwork skills but also enhanced their own cross-cultural education.  It was an opportunity that can only be understand through experiencing and appreciating the sheer beauty of the country! 

Sheridan ECE on the playgroundSheridan ECE studying with girlsSheridan ECE with Grenada children