Become a Leader in Early Childhood Education

Make a Difference: Sheridan's new and innovative four-year Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership (ECL) prepares you to become a leader in early childhood education and care. You'll be able to guide and lead curriculum and pedagogy in Ontario's early childhood settings.

Early Childhood Education: Lecture

Your learning will be supported by a professor who is knowledgeable and specialized in the subject matter. Laptops are required to enhance the in-class experience. Class time will consist of lectures and small group activities. This video demonstrates a professor lecturing to students in a typical setting at Sheridan.

Early Childhood Education: Discussion

You will learn how to create a sense of community with both adults and children; an essential skill for all Early Childhood Educators. Creating a responsive learning community and providing an environment that instills a sense of belonging is an essential part of the children's daily lives. This video demonstrates the ECE engaging with the children at their level while supporting their optimal development. As an Early Childhood Leadership student, you will also learn to lead an ECE team and collaborate with different agencies in the field.

Early Childhood Education: Planning

You will learn how to plan activities according to children's developmental needs and interests, both individually and for groups. This video demonstrates some of the competencies an Early Childhood Education student needs to practice when working with young children. This student is engaged in a small group activity that supports children's development. As an Early Childhood Leadership student, you will also learn to lead curriculum development with an ECE team.

Early Childhood Education: Outdoor Play/Learning

You will learn how play based learning does not only occur indoors, there is purposeful planning for the outdoor play as well. This video demonstrates ECEs interacting and supporting children in their outdoor play by engaging in physical play, interacting and socializing with others and experiencing nature. As an Early Childhood Leadership student, you will also learn to coordinate and manage the design of outdoor spaces as well as the financial planning.

Early Childhood Education: Playtime

Play-based learning is at the core of all effective curriculum planning and activities for young children. This video demonstrates children engaged in activities that have been purposefully planned by the ECE. The ECE student plans these activities based on her knowledge of play, developmentally appropriate activities and theoretical knowledge of how children develop. As an Early Childhood Leadership student, you will learn to ensure a consistent philosophy and approach in the activities offered in the program.