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Interview Day

Interview Day

Interview day is designed to provide Industry Representatives with the opportunity to conduct formal student interviews the day after the screening. The Industry Day Coordinator will handle the organization of Interview Day.

On the day of the screening representatives are given an opportunity to identify students they would like to interview on the following day.

Interviews will take place on the Oakville campus, in fully equipped interview rooms and according to preferences (number and length of interviews) designated by company reps.

Further details and forms will be available in the information package provided on screening day.

Note: Right after the screenings the representatives will have an opportunity to meet the graduates and conduct informal interviews (Computer Animation, Digital Creature Animation, and Visual Effects interviews during lunch and Honours Bachelor of Animation interviews late afternoon). Graduates will have their portfolios and promotional information on display for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.


Tony Tarantini, Industry Day Coordinator


phone: (905) 845-9430 x 2195