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Faculty Profiles

Noel  Hooper

Coordinator, Computer Animation, Digital Creature Animation – Technical Direction, Visual Effects

Program Area: Animation and Game Design


Contact Info: Office: S223 Ext. 2794


Sheridan College – Technical Illustration 1990 - 2003

Sheridan College – Computer Animation 2004 – Academic Award of Excellence



1997 Gemini Award

2000 Gemini Award Nomination

2001 Gemini Award

2001 Emmy Nomination




Production and Post Production

Cinematography and Rendering

Advanced Cinematography and Rendering

ATVF-VFX Compositing

ATVF-VFX Advanced Compositing

VFX Capstone Project



With more than 20 years of experience, Emmy nominated Visual Effects Supervisor Noel Hooper has left an impressive mark on over 80 film and television productions.

Noel has held posts at some of Canada’s top visual effects studios where he garnered two Gemini wins and another nomination. In 2004 he co-founded his own visual effects studio where he has worked since as a visual effects artist and supervisor.


Noel has now come full circle in his career and returned to his roots at Sheridan College. He is a graduate of the Technical Illustration (1993) and Computer Animation (1994) programs where he earned Sheridan’s Academic Award of Excellence. He now leads the Visual Effects program at Sheridan teaching advanced students the art and science of visual effects.

His hands-on dedication to the art of film is evident in his creativity, leadership and attention to detail. He has a passion for organic and photorealistic visual effects that blend seamlessly into any story.


Noel is a member of the Visual Effects Society.