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Faculty Profiles

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Artur Palma Mungioli

Faculty, Bachelor of Film and Television & Advanced Film and Television


Artur Palma Mungioli started his career by recording independent bands in Osasco, Brazil. That led to studying in the film of TV and Film in Brazil. Immediately, he began to work at Editora Europa as a writer for magazines such as NGamer and EDGE, and later he became a writer and host for Radio Gazeta. After a brief stint on the radio, he migrated to PlayTV, the former G4 Brasil, which was a mix of classic MTV and G4, with shows about music and videogame. He quickly went from intern to producer and director, producing a variety of shows, interviewing musicians and game developers to fan-favorite pieces. During this time he also started directing, editing and producing sound recording sessions and Quality Assurance for games, working with the FIFA Soccer, Forza Horizon, Battlefield, Grid, and F1 series, among many other critically acclaimed games localized to Brazilian Portuguese.

After leaving PlayTV, Artur Palma continued to work on multiple videogame and interactive media productions as a freelancer, from the producer and designer for educational games for Pearson Education Brasil to the director and producer for a series of social network videos for Ubisoft Brasil and Grow, one of the largest toy manufacturers in Latin America.

With the success of these productions, he was hired to create and oversee a group of channels as a manager for NWB, Network Brasil, a YouTube multi-channel network in which he oversaw millions of subscribers, defined strategies, directed and edited videos, and managed talent. He also worked on his Master of Arts focused on interactive storytelling. Alongside he produced and directed projects such as the musical live DVD Carbona, Gramofocas and Magaivers - Fábrica de Acordes, Sound, and Director of Photography for the award-winning documentary about transphobia and LBGTQ+ rights in Brazil, Vozeria.

After almost three years and with millions of subscribers, Artur Palma was invited to be the video director and producer for the ESPN eSports at ESPN Brasil, the first ESPN channel in the world to create an area dedicated to Games and eSports. It was a huge success, and within a few months, it reached more than one million page views per day with exclusive interviews and Blizzcon, CBLOL, and the weekly show MatchMaking.