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Casimir & Caroline

Streaming January 26–30, 2022.

By: Ödön von Horváth
Translated by: Holger Syme
Adapted by: Paolo Santalucia, Holger Syme, and The Howland Company
Director: Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster
Set Designer: Jung-Hye Kim
Costume Designer: David Juby
Lighting Designer: Logan Cracknell
Audio Designer & Editor: Kaitlyn MacKinnon
Broadcast Video Director & Video Editor: Scott Herkes

This fresh adaptation of an already shockingly contemporary 1932 text opens on a flamboyant office party, where we meet employees and bosses engaged in the absurd and toxic behaviours demanded by capitalism as they attempt to survive the corporate and social hierarchy.

The party becomes a slow-mo disaster in hilarious, enraging and heartbreaking fashion. See how these emerging performers, already so conscious of the drastic changes needed in today's world, will explore, mock, challenge, question, sympathise with, and skewer these characters, as they dance-dance-dance the night away.

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