Logan Ewanation

Logan Ewanation


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies


Dr. Logan Ewanation is a Professor in the School of Public Safety. Logan completed his MA and PhD in forensic psychology at Carleton University. His dissertation examined the effect of victim race on jurors' perceptions of lethal police use of force.

In general, Logan's research primarily focuses on jurors' perceptions of police and forensic evidence, as well as the influence of racial bias in the courtroom. He has published his research in several peer-reviewed journals. 

Teaching Interests

  • gamified learning

Research Interests

  • jury decision-making, racial bias, forensic psychology, perceptions of police

Journal Articles

  • Ewanation, L., Maeder, E. (2018). What makes race salient? Juror decision-making in same-race versus cross-race identification scenarios and the influence of expert testimony.Criminal Justice and Behavior, 45(8), 1234--1251.

  • Ewanation, L., Maeder, E. (2018). The influence of witness intoxication, witness race, and defendant race on mock juror decision making.Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 60(4), 505--536.

  • Ewanation, L., Maeder, E., Monnink, J. (2017). Jurors? perceptions of evidence: The relative influence of DNA and eyewitness testimony when presented by opposing parties.Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 32(1), 33--42.

  • Ewanation, L., Yamamoto, S., Monnink, J., Maeder, E. (2017). Perceived realism and the CSI-effect.Cogent Social Sciences, 3(1), 1294446.

  • Ewanation, L., Maeder, E., Yamamoto, S. (2022). Mock juror decision-making in a self-defence trial involving police use of force..Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement, 54(1), 19.

  • Ewanation, L., Maeder, E. (2021). The Interactive Effects of Race and Expert Testimony on Jurors? Perceptions of Recanted Confessions.Frontiers in Psychology, 12.

  • Ewanation, L., Blaskovits, B., Bennell, C., Baldwin, S., Brown, A., Korva, N. (2022). The thin blue line between cop and soldier: Examining public perceptions of the militarized appearance of police.Police Practice and Research, 23(2), 212--235.

  • Ewanation, L., Bennell, C., Blaskovits, B., Baldwin, S. (2019). Validating the police legitimacy scale with a Canadian sample.Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 61(4), 1--23.

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