Leanne Giavedoni

Leanne Giavedoni


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies


For 20 years I worked as a Physiotherapist and overlapping that I incorporated coaching for 15 years.  I also discovered that I had a gift for taking really complex topics and making them easy to apply.  I am a professional student and love to learn, but I also am very practical and results-driven. Together these make me a really good coach, guide, and teacher.

In 2017, I was inspired to make my teachings available to more people and I first wrote the book Fear Unravelled and then created the Abundant Life Method. I also lead a team of Wellness Advocates where I get to share some of the principles of transformation with future wellness providers. It is my dream that the wellness lifestyle that I teach becomes part of common practice in homes around the globe.

I do have some education and credentials to back up what I do, but truthfully having to heal myself was my greatest teacher and is what I draw on the most to help those who I am blessed to serve. Today I am a retired Physiotherapist, an entrepreneur who offers wellness coaching to help people transform their wellness using a body-mind-spirit approach through my business called Unleashed Essentials. 

Teaching Interests

  • Transformation in healthcare, mental health, and wellbeing. Behavior modification, theories of motivation. A mind-body-spirit approach to improving health & wellness. Positive psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, growth mindset.

Research Interests

  • The field of epigenetics. Advancing knowledge for practice and education in the area of how emotions connect to physical ailments. Research in the application of resilience and coping strategies for students prone to anxiety.
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