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Christine Winder

Christine Winder


Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

Chris has a keen interest in veterinary clinical pathology, particularly cytology, which makes teaching this material to students in the Animal Care and Veterinary Technician programs very enjoyable. Before becoming an educator at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, she spent approximately eight years in research and then worked in private veterinary practice until 2009. She has worked with both large and small animals and still accompanies her husband (also a veterinarian) on emergency calls whenever possible. These experiences have provided her with a wide variety of interesting and relevant case studies for student learning.

Chris was first introduced to teaching at the Veterinary College, University of Zurich, Switzerland. There she assisted in physiology labs for first-year veterinary students while working on her MSc. Competency in German was one prerequisite for instructing students, and after nine years in Zurich, her understanding of the German language allowed her to work as a translator. While in private practice, Chris mentored veterinary technicians, undergraduate veterinary students, high school students and veterinarians studying for their licensing exams in Ontario.

Education background

  • BSc (Agriculture) honours (University of Guelph, 1979), DVM honours (University of Guelph, 1984) MSc (University of Zurich, Switzerland, 1987).

Research background

  • Chris is the first author or co-author of 29 papers published in peer-reviewed international veterinary journals.

Links to titles and abstracts of some of her publications

Research Interests

Cytological, histological and immunohistochemical aspects of chronic small airway disease and similar studies involving the endometrium in the horse were her main research interests while at the University of Zurich from 1984 to 1993
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