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Employee Diversity Self-Identification Census

You matter. Be counted.

Update: The Employee Diversity Self-Identification Census took place from April 6 - May 11, 2020. While the window to complete the Census closed has now closed, employees will continue to have access to their self-identification information on the PeopleSoft portal, and may update it at any time.

The Census Results Report is now available for download:
Download full report
Download report in accessible format

Sheridan’s new Strategic Plan entitled Sheridan 2024: Galvanizing Education for a Complex World codifies our institutional commitment to fostering equity, diversity and inclusion.  Our goal is to create a community where everyone brings their full potential and experiences, knowing their unique contributions are valued. Our Year One Objective is to complete foundational work to embed equity, diversity and inclusion into everything we do at Sheridan.  

Sheridan is also among many post-secondary institutions in Canada that have endorsed the federal Dimensions Charter, signaling its commitment to foster increased research excellence, innovation and creativity within the post-secondary sector in Canada across all disciplines, through greater equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

An important first step is to capture baseline understanding on the diversity of our employees.  This information will contribute to our efforts to understand and leverage the diversity, perspectives, and lived experience of employees on our campuses.

To do so, we are launching a confidential Census which will ask full and part-time employees to respond to questions related to six dimensions of diversity including religion/faith/creed, gender, racial and ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation and Indigeneity. Additionally, there are two questions drawn from Sheridan’s 2018 Employee Engagement Survey. Responses will provide greater insight into the perceptions about working at Sheridan.

As we navigate unprecedented challenges, we must continue to live our values and position equity, diversity and inclusion at the forefront of everything we do. Good data positions us to act with integrity.

Benefits to the Sheridan Community

The benefits of doing so are multi-fold.  Having a clear picture of the diversity of our employees will assist us in addressing barriers in the workplace, use data to tell our stories, build a sense of belonging, make informed evidence based decisions and anticipate and respond to the needs of our diverse communities.  In addition, employee diversity self-identification information will position Sheridan to participate more fully in federally-funded programs that require collection of this data as a standard of practice within the institution.

Census Timing

From April 6 to May 11, 2020, Sheridan will be asking all employees to take part in a Employee Diversity Self-Identification Census to help us better understand the diversity of our community. The questionnaire will take approximately five minutes to complete.


All full and part-time employees are required to complete the census to ensure that we have valid results that can guide our efforts to be more equitable and inclusive. Should an employee not wish to respond to the overall questionnaire, they can indicate this at the beginning of the Census. Each question is also voluntary, with an ‘I prefer not to answer’ option. For more information about the Census, please review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Your participation helps us to better understand our current context, and to identify strengths and opportunities that will enhance learning and work environments

Privacy and Confidentiality

The information employees provide will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the terms of Sheridan’s Privacy Policy, the Notice of Collection & Use of Personal Information, Sheridan’s Acceptable Use Policy (PDF) and the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act.

Your responses are not part of your employee file. It is neither accessible to, nor shared with anyone in an identifiable form. The Census data will be stored securely and separately from your employee file.

For more information about the confidentiality of this Census please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Reporting back to the Sheridan community

The Sheridan community can expect the VP of Inclusive Communities to share the results of the Census through a presentation at an open forum and through the Employee Diversity Self-identification report  that will be posted on the Sheridan EDI website.

If you have further questions, please contact the Office of the Vice-President, Inclusive Communities by this email:

If you require this survey in an accessible format (paper or other), please contact: