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Speak up!

You have both the right and the responsibility to provide feedback to instructors and administrators. By completing your course evaluations, you can help improve courses and teaching at Sheridan.

*The more students who fill out course evaluations, the more seriously the feedback is taken by both instructors and administrators.

Why should I complete my course evaluations? Do they actually make a difference?

  1. Your feedback helps instructors improve their teaching through constructive criticism and feedback.

  2. Deans and Associate Deans have full access to the results, including the comments. The results are reviewed by instructors and administrators each term.

  3. Information from course evaluations is considered when evaluating the teaching of part-time professors.

Did you know?

  • Your course evaluation responses are anonymous. The results become available to professors and academic unit heads only after the end of the semester.

  • Course evaluation results are only reported if there are five (5) or more competed surveys for a class. This is to protect your anonymity.

  • You can complete your course evaluations on a phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Evaluation Periods & Dates

Fall, Winter and Summer 7B (7 week) + Full Semester courses:

  • Surveys will typically go 'live' on the Monday of the 10th week of instruction and remain open for 3 weeks.

  • For Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) courses, survey times will vary depending on the duration and timing of each course. Please check with your professor or manager for specific CAPS course survey dates.

  • Note that the College is working towards ‘dynamic’ survey windows based on the start and end dates of the course, regardless of its duration. This functionality is expected to be implemented within the next 12 months.

Summer 7A (7 week) courses:

  • Surveys will typically go 'live' on the Monday of the 4th week and remain open for 3 weeks.