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Add Questions to Your Course Evaluation Surveys

If you are a professor teaching in one of Sheridan's 5 postsecondary faculties, you may add up to 5 questions to your course evaluation surveys.

The window to select additional questions opens one week prior to surveys going live. You will receive an email invitation to select questions as well as notifications on your Slate homepage.

You may wish to consult the Additional Question Bank to familiarize yourself with the available question options.

Encourage Student Participation

There are a number of strategies that you can use to encourage your students to complete their course evaluations. This is in addition to the automatic email reminders and College-wide announcements that now appear in Slate leading up to and during the evaluation periods.

If you have used any other strategies that you would like us to share with the community, please contact us.

What can I do?

Communicate the Value of Course Evaluations

  • One of the biggest incentives for students to complete course evaluations is evidence of their importance to you as an instructor. You should communicate the value of course evaluations both in class, in course outlines, and through your reminders to students.

  • Highlight changes made to the course based on previous course evaluations results. This lets students know that their feedback is taken seriously to improve courses and teaching.

  • In class, present the guidelines on providing constructive feedback to your students. This page contains considerations for students when writing comments, including ways to express valid criticisms in a productive and respectful manner. Not only does presenting this page help you set a positive tone, but it also reiterates your commitment to receiving and acting on student feedback.

  • If you have submitted additional questions, let students know that you are interested in receiving their feedback on the questions you have added.

Make announcements and remind your students

  • Add a slide to your PowerPoint slideshows during the evaluation period to remind students about course evaluations being open. Sample slides are available.

  • Give an incentive to the entire class, such as an additional review session, if the class response rate exceeds an established target. To respect student anonymity, you should not provide incentives to individual students.

  • Include the evaluation period dates in your course syllabus and in the calendar in Slate.

Allow students time in class to complete their course evaluations

  • Ask students to bring their laptops, smartphones, or tablets to class and allow time to complete the evaluations during class. It is most effective to do this at the beginning of the class, or during tutorials, or labs. You and your Teaching Assistants should leave the room during this process.