“I've tried a lot of employment services and this is the best level of 1:1 service I've received so far. I'm so glad I took the steps, although hesitant, to come in. My sister was also a client of yours and she said that you really cared about your clients and did everything you could to help them. I completely understand what she meant now.”

- CES Jobseeker

“Thank you, very much Rachelle. Your help was critical, and highly appreciated. I will contact you after next Wednesday when I do the final session, and signing with the Ministry.
One more time: Thanks from the bottom of my ”

- CES Jobseeker

- B.A. (Honours) Music Education

“I liked the friendly and welcoming environment created by the consultant and the fact that Rachelle would email me every week just to check how I was doing with the job search and then provide tips and advice accordingly.

I really liked how Rachelle could understand at the times when I was nervous and I could tell she really wished well and wanted to help.”

- CES Jobseeker

“Dear Janet

It is always a pleasure to greet you and I hope this email finds you well.

I feel so thankful!!

This is to inform you that I started to work at a Biotech, who specializes in ultra rare diseases, since January 2018. My position is a marketing manager and it's a wonderful opportunity for me to enter the Canadian workforce setting the bar at a high level. I will do my best embracing it and making the most out of it as part of the beginning of a new career in this country.

I will also want to take the opportunity to thank you and the Sheridan College Mentoring program for all the effort put into my case. Geoff, my mentor, provided me with valuable insights about the industry locally and helped me develop, strengthen and enhance my network while sharing with me the most valuable asset while in the job search, which is empathy.

I am sure our paths will come across again in the future and I wish you all the best.


- CES Mentee

“Janet, I'm so happy with you, your support and with the extraordinary job you made finding my mentor, she is the perfect match with my job experience and that was the key to this program.

I feel so thankful!!

Today I had my wrap up conversation with my Mentor and we agreed to keep in touch and have a Christmas dinner next month.


- CES Mentee

“The staff are extremely warm and friendly as well as highly knowledgeable, encouraging, positive and supportive. Couldn't feel more comfortable anywhere else.“

- CES Jobseeker

“Hi Kim, I do not have words to thank you all your help, that's just a tiny thing to thank you all your efforts, really appreciate the work you guys do. It was not easy for me to start working in Canada and as I told Elaine I was almost thinking to completely change my field because it was long time since I came to Canada and didn't had the opportunity in Graphics, It Is like part of my dreams comes true already, I am really happy about this job opportunity.

Thanks, see you next week,

Have a nice weekend,”

CES Jobseeker

“I’ve tried a lot of employment services and this is the best level of 1:1 service I’ve received so far. I’m so glad I took the steps, although hesitant, to come in. My sister was also a client of yours and she said that you really cared about your clients and did everything you could to help them. I completely understand what she meant now. ”

- CES Jobseeker

“ Dear all,

I wanted to let you know that I’m supposed to start working at Scoriabank, SME Bus. Dev., next week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for all the support.

Thank you so much Myra and Liz for making me feel at home from the very first day we met, for the great tips, for the encouragement.

Thank you, Lee, for saving me “my favourite seat”, and for the chocolate 😊 .

Thank you, Susan, for all the support, encouragement, help, for all the emails and postings you sent my way, for a continuous follow up, and for saying “don’t you hesitate to contact me”.

Thank you, Nancy, for the amazing workshops and great and useful tips you gave me.

Thank you, Janet, for all the great work and support - I believe TRIEC is an excellent program.

Thank you, Edwyna, for the amazing critique, and for patiently answering all my (so many😊) questions, and for all the tips that really made a difference.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and professionalism, once again. I look forward to staying in touch, and seeing you all. ”

Best wishes,

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Hello Kim :)

Happy Holidays! It's been quite a while since we last spoke, I hope you are keeping well.
I recently completed my 1 year at Legend 3D, and was renewed as well! I wanted to thank you so much for how much you supported and encouraged me last year when I was scared to take the test there. I cannot tell you how different my life is now, just 1 year later, thanks to you :)

Every day I am thankful to you. During this holiday season, I am more grateful than ever, because I am reminded that none of this would be possible without your kind words and encouragement. ”

Thank you with all my heart,
Manasa Kaujalgi
December, 2018

“ Dear Kim & Nancy

….. guess what ???

After 11.5 years I’m resigning from XYZ because I got a better job, a next step in my career at XYZ, helping them build an employment/career service…working with people with developmental/intellectual disabilities.

Seriously. It has been such a refreshing pleasure working with you both over the years. I hope we are just getting warmed up !!! You are the poster professionals for collaboration, creativity, competency, authentic leadership and generous spirit to make a difference in the community.

Please let me know if there is any way I can be of help to you….I can be reached through Linkedin…and --- most important best wishes to you and your families for a most wonderful, healthy, meaningful and fun Christmas, holiday ”

Joanna Samuels, MEd., CMF, CTDP, RRP
December 2018

“ Dear Kim,

I am happy to inform you that I have joined as a supply teacher at a daycare and they have promised a full time opportunity very soon. I also feel this job suits my interest and my future plans to do something like this back in my hometown. Hence I have decided to continue in this position.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from bottom of my heart for all the efforts you took to get me interviews.

You are an amazing person whom I would always look up to.

Thank you once again.

Regards, ”

Thendral K
April 2019

Eluyinka Awoyelu - Job Seeker

Testimonial Employers

“Many thanks for inviting our office to the Job Fair yesterday. It was an amazing turnout and we are very pleased.
Thank you for coordinating details
We lok forward to working with you in the future
All the best“

- CES Employer Contact

“Dear Nancy,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for all your support with the COJG grant process at Sheridan College and for making it a successful project for us.

We are very grateful for obtaining the grant and for having professional and knowledgeable people like you facilitating the opportunity for us to make a difference for our staff and organization. You have been always prompt and helpful in answering all my questions and we had a great experience on all aspects of the grant process from start to completion.

Many thanks, “

- CES Employer Contact

“The Skilled Trade Fair was very good yesterday. It was good to get to meet the upcoming graduates. They all seem eager and excited to get into the workforce. The staff were very professional and helpful. “

- CES Employer Contact

“Assigned job developer knows our business, our culture and understands our employee requirements. Quick to respond to requests. Flexible with timelines. Treats us as a valued customer ”

- CES Employer Contact

“I would like to thank your entire team for their assistance in helping me fill out the necessary documents for the hire a student summer job service.”

- CES Employer Contact

“This past summer, Wilcox Door Service Inc hired a recent graduate from Sheridan College’s Employment Services Program. Alan Morales was hired on to help Wilcox with Sales Administration responsibilities including being the go to Salesforce experts. Since his time here, he has been exposed to various areas of the organization and furthered developed his professional skills. With the success of students like Alan, Wilcox is looking to participate in more programs like this through Sheridan to introduce them into the industrial door and dock service industry.”

- Derrick Lewis
- Digital Marketing Manager
- Wilcox Door Service Inc. - Richards-Wilcox Custom Cranes

“I have been using the Sheridan Employment Service for many years. I have been able to place numerous employees in a variety of different roles over the years. The quality of the candidates presented have always been extremely skilled and previously screened by the Community Consultant/Job Developer. I am proud to state that the retention rate with this candidates is extremely high and we attribute this to the screening process and the level of skilled people being presented. Kim Bertrand has been my main contact at Sheridan in this role for many years. There are not praise to describe the level of customer service and professionalism I have received over the years. Kim has always been informative and willing to go that extra mile for her clients. Sheridan will continue to be the first place we turn to when we are in need of finding highly skilled people. Thank you to Sheridan for introducing us to this program. It has certainly worked for us and hopefully continue to do so for many years to come. ”

- Lance Ross
- Sales Manager
- Wilcox Door Service Inc. - Richards-Wilcox Custom Cranes

“Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for sending candidates to our last job fair. I am extremely pleased to report that more than one third of the candidates who attended were offered a position at Wesley. Please note that we are again hiring and hosting a job fair on Saturday February 23 2019. If you could distribute the attached flyer to your students, alumni, and appropriate contacts, I would greatly appreciate it. Note that supervisors will be in attendance to provide on-the-spot interviews for advertised positions.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

All the best, ”

- Kasra Karimi
- Job Developer
- 151 Queen St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2V7