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About CES

 Job Matching

For 30 years, Sheridan has been successfully uniting employers and employees - experience that makes CES at Sheridan the obvious choice.

Access to job postings is just the beginning when you connect with CES at Sheridan.

This FREE comprehensive service is easy to use and staffed by skilled professionals who are ready to lend assistance and happy to introduce you to motivated employers. Every step of the way CES can help you take stock, prepare, find opportunities and land the job that lets you truly shine.

Through Employment Ontario funding, we are committed to assisting and supporting individuals to get the training, skills and experience to achieve their goals.

Serving: Oakville

Sheridan Community Employment Services
105 Cross Avenue, Unit A7
Oakville, Ontario
Phone - 905-845-9430 ext. 8160
Fax: 905-815-4111

Serving: Brampton

Sheridan Community Employment Services
71 West Drive, Unit 29
Brampton Ontario
Phone - 905-459-7533 ext. 5307
Fax: 905-874-4380



What our clients have to say about us: 

"I liked the friendly and welcoming environment created by the consultant and the fact that Rachelle would email me every week just to check how I was doing with the job search and then provide tips and advice accordingly. 

I really liked how Rachelle could understand at the times when I was nervous and I could tell she really wished well and wanted to help." 


“The staff are extremely warm and friendly as well as highly knowledgeable, encouraging, positive and supportive. Couldn't feel more comfortable anywhere else. “ 


"Hi Kim,

I do not have words to thank you all your help, that's just a tiny thing to thank you all your efforts, really appreciate the work you guys do. It was not easy for me to start working in Canada and as I told Elaine I was almost thinking to completely change my field because it was long time since I came to Canada and didn't had the opportunity in Graphics, It Is like part of my dreams comes true already, I am really happy about this job opportunity.

Thanks, see you next week,

Have a nice weekend,

 What Employer say about us:

"The Skilled Trade Fair was very good yesterday. It was good to get to meet the upcoming graduates. They all seem eager and excited to get into the workforce. The staff were very professional and helpful."

 "I would like to thank your entire team for their assistance in helping me fill out the necessary documents for the hire a student summer job service." 

 "Assigned job developer knows our business, our culture and understands our employee requirements.  Quick to respond to requests.  Flexible with timelines.   Treats us as a valued customer"

Customer Service Charter