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Summit: Improving the International Student Experience

Summit Agenda: July 25–26, 2022

Day 1: The International Student Experience – Issues and Challenges

Official opening: Welcoming Remarks

Opening panel: The International Student Experience – A Holistic View

Second panel:

  • Investing in the International Student Experience;
  • City of Brampton: The Community and its Aspirations; and
  • The Roundtable: History, Objectives, and Approach

Lunch & discussions: Discussion tables at lunch on various issues facing international students

Concurrent workshops: Issues, Gaps and Needs

  • Immigration & Settlement: Impact and Gaps in Policy
  • Student Rights: Legal Protection, Services and Support
  • Academic Preparation & Supports: Supports, Services and Gaps within and between Private and Public Providers 
  • Health & Well-Being: Gaps in Gender-Sensitive, Cultural and Mental Health Services and Supports
  • Work Experience & Employment: Precarity of the Pre-Graduation and Post-Graduation Job Market/Work Experience for International Students and the Importance of Educating Employers and Students
  • Community Organizations/Settlement Agencies: Strengthening Links with the Community
  • Racism and Discrimination: EDI Needs to Include International Students
  • Student Advocacy: Giving Voice to International Students and Enabling Advocacy to Influence Politics and Policy

Close-out session – small group activity: Principles for International Student Experience Charter

Day 2: The International Student Experience – Best Practices, Plans for Action and Measures of Accountability

Small group activity: Reflection and Revision of Principles for International Student Experience Charter

Concurrent workshops: Models of Best Practice

  • Building and Sustaining Partnerships to Enhance the International Student Experience
  • Models for Funding, Fundraising and Generating Resources to Improve the International Student Experience
  • Measures of Accountability to Enhance the International Student Experience
  • Communication: The Importance of Changing the Narrative

Lunch & discussions: Discussion tables at lunch by various stakeholder groups developing solutions and recommendations within their scope of influence

Small group activity: Creating a Seamless and Holistic International Student Experience 
List supports and create recommendations for each stage of the international student journey:

  • Prospective student
  • New student
  • Continuing student
  • Graduated student
  • Student with permanent residency

Session: Measures of Accountability for International Student Charter

Closing reception: Looking Back/Looking Forward

Co-hosted by:

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Generously supported by International Insurance.

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