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Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies Candidate Profiles

Jennifer Tate

My name is Jennifer Tate, I am a member of the Senate representing FAHCS. As you may recall, I was recently elected to Senate to represent FAHCS. I would like to continue to grow in my role as a Senator and am asking once again in your support to do so.

I have been a full-time faculty member in FAHCS, teaching in the School of Education, Educational Support Program for the past four years. Prior to that, I spent many years advocating for families and their children at the municipal and provincial levels of government for the services they need. I have volunteered on the Autism Ontario executive, as well as on the executive for the Halton Hills Coalition for Refugees. These experiences have shaped my advocacy skills to help ensure inclusion and equity for all.

I would like to continue to utilize my expertise in Universal Design for Learning and Living (UDL) to ensure that the foundation of Sheridan’s Campus Master Plan 2020-2050 is grounded in UDL. It would be my privilege and honour to help shape the future of Sheridan and to represent you, the faculty of FAHCS.

Monica Lysack

I respectfully ask for your support to represent you in the Sheridan Senate. I have been a full time faculty member in the School of Education since 2013 and have been actively involved in our Sheridan community.

I have a strong interest in governance and during my first term in Senate (2015-18), I was elected by fellow senators to serve as Speaker for two of the three years I served. I had a leadership role developing our governance and bylaws and helped shape the current structure that supports us as faculty to have a strong voice in academic decision-making – a system that is envied by our colleagues at other colleges.

It is my hope that I will be able to use the hard-earned experience and knowledge to better serve our Sheridan faculty in academic decision-making. As Senate grows and matures I intend to continue to work on matters that enhance our ability to uphold the high academic standards we all work hard to achieve and maintain.

During my last term, I initiated an investigation to explore the possibility of amending our policy to allow our PD funding to be carried over two years. I would like to pick up that particular work once again.

As we often do in other areas, Sheridan is leading the way with a governance model to which other colleges aspire. I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your FAHCS Senate representative.

Paul Hommersen

Since I started at Sheridan several years ago, I have been focused the creation of programs in the school of Public Safety, such as the new degree program, and working to build interdisciplinary engagement opportunities for students and faculty. I am currently seeking election to Senate as an avenue to continue this advocacy role and feel it will be beneficial to continue the push for increased recognition for the Davis Campus and for all FAHCS programs and faculty. I would appreciate your support and I would look forward to any opportunities in being able to speak with faculty about what matters you feel are important to you, to students, to the Faculty, and to the college in general. In this way I think that I can help ensure that I represent your interests.

Ferzana Chaze

I have had the privilege of serving on the Sheridan Senate as an active representative of the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies for the past three years.  In my role as senator, I have served on the Senate SRCA subcommittee, playing an important role in shaping research at Sheridan College and representing the unique FAHCS research portfolio. This is an exciting time in Sheridan’s history, as we are shaping what applied research will look like for the institution, and it is important that our voices and perspectives are represented at the table. Some key SRCA subcommittee initiatives I have contributed to have been: organizing the 2018 Sheridan Creates Conference; adjudication of the SRCA Growth Grants; shaping of the Indigenous Research Policy; shaping of the Sheridan Student Research Awards, and providing feedback on Sheridan Research initiatives such as the Equity Diversity and Inclusion campaign. Through all of my work as a faculty representative, in research and as we have looked at other important policies and initiatives, I have strived to ensure the use of an anti-oppressive, intersectional lens. I enjoy this work and take being your representative very seriously. I would be honoured to continue as one of your faculty senator representatives and to further promote the community-oriented, anti-oppressive values of our Faculty at this Pan-Sheridan platform.