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Sheridan Integrated Planning

What is Sheridan Integrated Planning (SIP)?

Through Strategic Integrated Planning (SIP), Sheridan ensures that decision making and resources are aligned with Sheridan’s priorities, and that there is a data-informed approach to achieving the institution’s goals.

The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) defines Integrated Planning as “a sustainable approach to planning that builds relationships, aligns the organization and emphasizes preparedness for change.” –, 2017.

Integrated Planning Framework

Integrated Planning is critical in driving Sheridan’s Vision, Mission, Values and academic priorities and will aid in supporting transparent decision making across the institution.

Together with the budget model and budget processes, the integrated planning framework supports Sheridan’s vision. This is a sustainable approach to institution-wide planning that that will support organizational decision making, policy formulation, strategic planning, college-wide budgeting, and data-driven decision-making to achieve resource optimization in support of Sheridan’s vision and objectives. It will provide project leadership, research, and information for the coordination of planning processes that support Sheridan’s departments.

The Sheridan Integrated Planning Framework (PDF) will align all pan-institutional initiatives to Sheridan’s Strategic Plan (Sheridan 2024) and it’s Priority Areas of Focus (Academic Plan, Our People and Operational Sustainability). Using a consultative approach, this process will include:

  • laying the groundwork for strategic planning change (assessing readiness for change, analyzing Sheridan’s unique internal and external environment, communication planning);
  • developing and implementing a strategic plan framework and cycle that aligns with other strategic and operational unit plans, budget planning; and
  • building and sustaining a strategic planning culture using tools, methods, timelines/actions, objective measures of progress in collaboration with Institutional Research and the Centre for People and Organizational Development, and decision making structures

Strategic Documents

These strategic documents and pan-institutional initiatives support common priorities and are key components in the Sheridan Integrated Planning Framework (PDF).

Some of the documents listed below will be finalized over the course of the next few months and will be made available accordingly.

  1. Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) The SMA is a three year contract or operating agreement that is signed by a post-secondary institution in Ontario and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD). The SMA outlines the role that each institution performs in the post-secondary system, outlines its key areas of differentiation, and documents how it will build on its strengths to both achieve its vision and help drive system-wide objectives articulated by the Ministry.
  2. Sheridan’s Strategic Plan, Sheridan 2024
  3. Academic Plan (PDF)
  4. Sheridan’s People Plan Update 2017
  5. Faculty Academic Plans and Administrative Department Plans
  6. Strategic Enrolment Plan (SEM)
  7. Creative Campus Plan
  8. Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support Plan
  9. Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities Plan (SRCA)
  10. Space and Scheduling Study
  11. Activities Based Budgeting
  12. Enterprise Risk Management
  13. Campus Master Plan

Key Performance Indicators

Sheridan is committed to operational efficiency while supporting transparent decision making. To support its commitment to a data-driven planning methodology, material on institutional performance measurement has been socialized with senior leaders through the President & Vice Presidents (PVP), Provost’s Council and the Administrative Leadership Council.

To achieve its strategic objectives and priorities and to reinforce a culture of performance and accountability, provincial government mandated KPI’s as well as institutional KPI’s and metrics will be published on an on-going basis. The current Strategic Mandate Agreement (2017 – 2020) is available here.

Sheridan Integrated Planning Project Documents

Sheridan Integrated Planning Stakeholders

    Executive Sponsors

  • Amanda Pike, Chief Change Officer
  • Working Group

  • A working group has been tasked to develop and deliver on in-scope deliverables for the Initiation Phase (please refer to project charter) of the Sheridan Integrated Planning Project. This group will obtain approval from the President & Vice Presidents as required. The PVP meets on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year.
  • Working Group Members

  • Mark Chapman, Director, Institutional Research
  • Sharanjeet Kaur, Director, Integrated Planning & Analysis
  • Sara Lashari, Project Planning Coordinator, Sheridan Integrated Planning

Additional External Resources