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Activities-Based Budgeting

ABB Charter

Please click to see the ABB Project Charter (PDF, 270 Kb)

Frequently Asked Questions for the ABB Project

What is the Activities-Based Budget (ABB)?

The Activities-Based Budget (ABB) is an incentive-based approach to budgeting. It shifts key decision-making from a central governance model to a more decentralized model. Under ABB, revenue generated by units of an organization are allocated directly to the unit responsible for the activity, while costs incurred – directly and indirectly – are also borne by the unit.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about Activities-Base Budgeting for additional information.

Past Communications

Please read copies of the updates that Sheridan has shared with the community on the ABB Project:

Meeting Schedule 

Please note the following for all the meetings scheduled for the Model Design phase of the ABB Project.

Team Meeting Sub-Team A: Revenue Sub-Team B: Cost
20-Sep-18 (Kickoff training with Larry Goldstein) 02-Oct-18 02-Oct-18
25-Sep-18 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-18
31-Oct-18 (Laurier session) 13-Nov-18 13-Nov-18
06-Nov-18 (Queens session) 27-Nov-18 27-Nov-18
20-Nov-18 11-Dec-18 11-Dec-18
17-Dec-18 (York session) 15-Jan-19 15-Jan-19
29-Jan-19 22-Jan-19 22-Jan-19
26-Feb-19 06-Feb-19 06-Feb-19
26-Mar-19 19-Feb-19 19-Feb-19
  05-Mar-19 05-Mar-19
  19-Mar-19 19-Mar-19

Note: Future meeting dates are subject to changes due to members’ availability. There could also be more meetings scheduled in the future, if need be.

Further Reading