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Activities-Based Budgeting

ABB White Paper

Please view the White Paper on Sheridan’s Activities Based Budgeting (ABB) Model. (PDF)

ABB Charter

Please view the ABB Project Charter (PDF, 270 Kb)

Frequently Asked Questions for the ABB Project

What is the Activities-Based Budget (ABB)?

The Activities-Based Budget (ABB) is an incentive-based approach to budgeting. It shifts key decision-making from a central governance model to a more decentralized model. Under ABB, revenue generated by units of an organization are allocated directly to the unit responsible for the activity, while costs incurred – directly and indirectly – are also borne by the unit.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about Activities-Base Budgeting for additional information.

Past Communications

Please read copies of the updates that Sheridan has shared with the community on the ABB Project:

Meeting Schedule 

Please note the following for all the meetings scheduled for the Model Design phase of the ABB Project.

Team Meeting Sub-Team A: Revenue Sub-Team B: Cost
20-Sep-18 (Kickoff training with Larry Goldstein) 02-Oct-18 02-Oct-18
25-Sep-18 16-Oct-18 16-Oct-18
31-Oct-18 (Laurier session) 13-Nov-18 13-Nov-18
06-Nov-18 (Queens session) 27-Nov-18 27-Nov-18
20-Nov-18 11-Dec-18 11-Dec-18
17-Dec-18 (York session) 15-Jan-19 15-Jan-19
29-Jan-19 22-Jan-19 22-Jan-19
26-Feb-19 06-Feb-19 06-Feb-19
26-Mar-19 19-Feb-19 19-Feb-19
  05-Mar-19 05-Mar-19
  19-Mar-19 19-Mar-19

Note: Future meeting dates are subject to changes due to members’ availability. There could also be more meetings scheduled in the future, if need be.

Further Reading